Assessments of property are done by elected township assessors. The assessment of your property is an important part of the calculation which produces the amount of taxes you owe.

It’s critical to understand that the “fair cash value” listed on your tax bill is not intended to represent the current value of your property.  That value is determined 16 months before the tax bills are mailed, and according to law, it is based on sales of comparable property during the prior three-year period.  Forced sales such as forclosures and short sales are not included in the comparable data. Property values on tax bills mailed in 2010 are based on the real estate market from 2006-2008.  In practical terms, the fair cash value on a tax bill is actually a 3-year-old historical average.

Each district’s tax levy is divided by the total equalized assessed valuation (EAV) of that taxing district to determine the tax rate.  Higher property values result in lower rates, and vice-versa.  General changes in the real estate market do not change the average tax bill.

If you feel your assessment is inaccurate, start by talking with your township assessor. Township assessors and their phone numbers are listed at the bottom of this page.  If, after speaking with your township assessor, you still believe your assessment is incorrect, you may appeal to the Boone County Board of Review within 30 days after assessments are published every year.  The 2010 assessments will be published in October.

Appealing to the Board of Review is a quasi-judicial process during which you will need to provide evidence to support your case.  Generally, this means finding actual sales of comparable property during the three-year period on which your assessment is based. For complete information on appealing your assessment, please contact the Boone County Supervisor of Assessments.

Boone County Supervisor of Assessments
Jessica Muellner
1208 Logan Avenue
Belvidere, IL  61008

Belvidere Township Assessor
Mike St. Angel
8200 Fairgrounds Rd.
Belvidere, IL 61008-9791

Bonus, Caledonia, Poplar Grove and Spring Townships
Multi-Township Assessor
Kathi Hendrickson
9015 Marengo Rd.
Garden Prairie, IL 61038

Boone and Flora Townships
Glen Gratz
142 W. Main St.
Capron, IL 61012

Leroy & Manchester Townships
Multi-Township Assessor
Kris Hall
3875 Blaine Rd.
Poplar Grove, IL  61065