What we do:
Every County in Illinois has an elected Treasurer with two main responsibilities according to the State Constitution and related statutes:  We receive and safely deposit all revenues and other public monies of the county.  Each county treasurer is also the county collector, responsible for mailing real estate tax bills, collecting those taxes and distributing the funds to over sixty different taxing districts in the county.

Beyond those main responsibilities, county treasurers also serve as treasurer of the local Emergency Telephone System Board (911 system).   Finally, we collect the 1% food and beverage tax that supports the Community Building Complex of Boone County.

Additionally, the Boone County Treasurer serves as de facto finance manager for county government, handles accounts payable and general accounting duties, and works with the county’s independent auditing firm in preparation of the annual financial report.

The Office of County Treasurer
The County Treasurer is one of six independently elected county-wide offices in Boone County.  County Treasurers are elected to 4-year terms.  Curt Newport has been the Boone County Treasurer since 2008.  More about Curt Newport here.

How we’re funded:
Operating expenses for the Treasurer’s Office are paid by the Boone County General Fund, the budget for which is determined by the County Board.  Certain expenses are paid by the Treasurer’s Automation Fund which is supported only by tax sale fees and duplicate bill fees.

Our staff:
The Boone County Treasurer’s Office has a dedicated staff of two full-time employees and two seasonal part-time employees:
Karen Smiley, Deputy Treasurer and Office Manager
Sheryl Rickabaugh, Accounting Clerk and Customer Service Specialist
Carianne Anderson, Tax Collection Specialist
Mickey Wilke, Tax Collection Specialist